Why choose the 2011 Kentucky National Debate Institute?


The KNDI boasts one of the most experienced staffs in the country. The faculty have coached 3 Iowa state champions, four top 10 finishers at NFL Nationals, numerous TOC qualifiers and out-round participants, and dozens of students with consistent success on the local and national level.

The LD Labs

The unique structure of the KNDI LD Division gives us the ability to rotate students into different labs depending on necessary skill building. Students are not simply assigned to a single lab leader and left there for the duration of the institute. Rather, students will be placed with different lab leaders to work on skills in which each instructor specializes and each student needs more development. There will also be a core lab group for students to work with consistently, based on experience. KNDI LD prides itself on challenging students of all levels and experience and encouraging them to try new strategies and approaches to casing.

A History of success

Founded by Dr. J. W. Patterson, the Kentucky Institute is one of the oldest in the country having run continuously since 1961. Alumni of the Kentucky Institute, at one time or another, have won every major invitational tournament as well as the national Tournament of Champions and the NFL and NCFL National Championships.


KNDI is among the most affordable three week camps in the country. Combined with our excellent faculty and resources, the KNDI is truly an amazing value and opportunity for debaters at any level. Two-Week: June 17-July 01, 2012 - $1,500 (includes housing and meal plan).

Practice Debates

With our superb student to staff ratio and experienced staff we can guarantee extensive practice debates for all KNDI students. These will be supplemented with additional practice speeches, speech re-dos and focused drills on problem areas as part of our individualized coaching.

Balanced Curriculum

Our goal is well rounded and versatile debaters. KNDI students will focus on all aspects critical to debate success including argument development and construction, research, strategy and in-round performance. This includes extensive skill and philosophy lectures, discussions, practices rounds and individual attention.

Research development

As one of the earliest summer programs the KNDI will break ground in developing positions for next year’s topics with access to the top-tier UK library system and internet available for all students. KNDI also focuses not just on creating initial positions, but also giving students the skills necessary to continue to develop positions throughout the year.

Theory instruction

KNDI is dedicated to being a premier program for traditional debate and strategies for addressing "spread" and "theory" debate. Our extensive faculty background in this area will introduce techniques for avoiding "trend" debate, while relying more on strategy and argumentation development.

Below is a sample of our daily schedule.

9:00 Debating Sovereignty in the Modern Era: Hiland
10:45 Labs: Cross-Examination drills
12:00 Lunch
1:30 Social Contract Theory and Application: Woodhouse
3:00 Labs: Building a Logical and Complete Social Contract Argument
5:00 Dinner
6:30 Article Reading Group I
7:30 Labs
11:00 Room Check
12:00 Lights Out