Why choose the 2012 Kentucky National Debate Institute?


The staff at KNDI is committed to meeting the individual needs of institute attendees. Senior staff is actively coaching students at the local, state and national levels and will provide a level of instruction that reflects their coaching expertise in this particular event. Senior staff has coached students to the Florida State Championship and deep out-rounds at TOC, Emory, The Glenbrooks and Blue Key. Junior staff has worked extensively with novice and varsity training. A small student to staff ratio ensures that all students will enjoy extensive personal instruction and feedback.

The PF Labs

PF labs are where institute attendees bring newly-learned knowledge to life! They are designed to incorporate lecture instruction immediately. We offer flexibility so that students will have the opportunity to work closely with all staff to gain a wide array of feedback, which is crucial for PF students who have to adapt to a diverse judge field. Labs will include case writing and editing sessions, rebuttal and cross drills, speaking drills and extensive practice rounds with detailed critiques.

A History of Success

Founded by Dr. J. W. Patterson, the Kentucky Institute is one of the oldest in the country having run continuously since 1961. Alumni of the Kentucky Institute, at one time or another, have won every major invitational tournament as well as the national Tournament of Champions and the NFL and NCFL National Championships.


KNDI is among the most affordable three week camps in the country. Combined with our excellent faculty and resources, the KNDI is truly an amazing value and opportunity for debaters at any level. Two-Week: June 17-July 01, 2012 - $1,500 (includes housing and meal plan).

Practice Debates

With our superb student to staff ratio and experienced staff we can guarantee extensive practice debates for all KNDI students. These will be supplemented with additional practice speeches, speech re-dos and focused drills on problem areas as part of our individualized coaching.

Balanced Curriculum

Our goal is well rounded and versatile debaters. KNDI students will focus on all aspects critical to success in PFD including argument development and construction designed to appeal to “citizen judges”; research and use of evidence; in-round strategies for the rebuttal, summary and final focus; strategies for the coin toss; managing crossfire and the grand cross; and tips for effective teamwork . This includes extensive skill and background lectures, discussions, practice rounds and individual attention.

Research development

Students at KNDI have access to the top-tier UK library system and internet. Much lecture and discussion time will be devoted to the use of evidence in PFD. We will explore trends in the use of evidence in PFD and learn to incorporate research effectively not only in case, but throughout the round including crossfire.

PFD Expertise

Students will benefit from the unique knowledge-base of our staff and our genuine warm and helpful attitude. Our staff has a comprehensive understanding of the evolution of PFD and will help students adapt to current trends as well as geographic and circuit variations. Our staff’s expertise in grounded in their ability to present and uphold effective arguments with maximum impact for our diverse judges.

Below is a sample of our daily schedule.

9:00 Lecture: Storytelling in PFD
10:30 Labs: Case Writing
12:00 Lunch
1:30 Lecture: Arguments with Impact
2:30 Research
5:00 Dinner
6:30 Lab: Case Edits
11:00 Room Check
12:00 Lights Out//